notebook ipadThing7 helps you to write in the cloud on common cloud platforms such as Google’s Google Drive, Microsoft’s Office 365 and Apple’s iWork.

Schools use different platforms. Next, in Thing8, we will look at the digital tools for writing that use these platforms.

Cloud Platform Tutorials

Choose one of these platforms then go through the tutorials that are useful to you. You don’t need to do them all! We would advise choosing the one that is the same platform as the one you are using for your blog.

These Google tutorials  cover the skills to use Google Drive, create GoogleDocs and more. Faculty students have support for the University of Auckland Google Apps.

These Microsoft tutorials cover skills you need to make the most of OneDrive and Office Online.

These Apple tutorials help you use iWork and Pages.

try-this-iconTry this

For this Thing check out some of the cloud platform tutorials above or the videos in Explore Further, below.

  1. Choose a cloud platform. You may use: Google Drive,  Microsoft Office 365 or Apple’s iWork.
  2. Create a document in your cloud drive and choose one of the following:
    1. Add links to interesting or useful resources that you have discovered to support learners.
    2. Create a template to be used for your weekly planning when on Practicum.
    3. Create a worksheet to be used by students in your class when you are next on Practicum.
    4. Create an ‘About Me’ page to be used as your bio on your CV.
    5. Tell us about your favourite teacher from school.  What made them your favourite?  What does this tell you about the kind of teacher you want to be?
  3. Share your document so others can view it.
  4. Post a blog entry, sharing your thoughts on how to support or enable learning using these tools, with a link to your document.

 explore-further-iconExplore further

More tutorials explaining common platforms:

These tutorials talk you through using Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 and Apple iWork.

Google Apps is widely used. Faculty students can access Google Apps using , Blogger (see 4. Start blogging) and GoogleDocs ( (Thing 7). (23.01 mins)

Microsoft 365 about Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Endnote saved in your OneDrive. (11.30 mins)

Apple iWork opens up Apple Pages and Keynote applications which are saved in your iCloud. This is a beta version. (17.18 mins)

Educator Networks:

Google Educator Group (GEG) NZ and Microsoft Educator Network  are places where educators who are using GAFE or Microsoft 365 at their school can share, learn, and collaborate together. There is a wealth of information and support materials available here. 


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